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Personalized Nutrition Shaperella Nutrition finds solutions that work with your individual lifestyle and that fit into your daily eating routine as a mother, business woman, homemaker or all of the above. Your customized eating plan incorporates your personality, food preferences and established eating habits, and works for the long term, without deprivation. Shaperella works with you, for you and guarantees permanent results.

Individualized Fitness Shaperella's Fitness Solution works with a special weight-bearing exercise technique developed to give you a beautiful, very appealing hourglass shape. You will emerge with smooth muscle tone, especially around the female "trouble zones"... stomach, thighs, buttocks and arms. You will find yourself stronger, more flexible and well-defined, while at the same time more feminine and shapely - at any size.

Bridal Program
xclusive Bridal Program For the Bride, Shaperella offers a most wonderful and effective way of looking and feeling her best on her special day. Affordable and time sensitive strategies are custom designed to help the bride and other ladies of her bridal party to get in shape and achieve their weight loss goals.

Tween Teen Health Shaperella's Tween Teen program helps young girls to develop a healthy lifestyle by making nutritious food choices and fun exercise a part of their daily routine. This very successful, one-on-one program uses a realistic and applicable approach to making a healthy life an easy choice.

Behavior Modification Shaperella's Behavior Modification concept works with the power of the mind as an instrumental part of a healthy body! Key behavioral patterns & habits related to undesirable or unhealthy food consumption are identified, strategically targeted, modified or stopped altogether. The Shaperella concept works with positive reinforcement & motivational techniques, taking the "negative" out of the equation.

LIPO-LASER TREATMENT: Our very successful 3 steps system ensures success.
The TriActive Laser Treatment starts the process releasing fat deposits while tightening your skin. The Power Plate Treatment accelerates the fat burning process and our extremely effective. Spot Shaping tones and sculpts your trouble area while speeding up your metabolism.

THE TOPLESS MUFFIN: As a published author and motivational speaker Sylvia Sasso offers very informative and humorous presentations to corporations, health clubs, country clubs and organization that want to shine a realistic light onto the dilemma of strict dieting.

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