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Meet Your Goals at Every Angle with Shaperella

You'll lose fat, inches, cellulite and saggy skin with our exclusive European Body Contouring concept designed to assure beautiful long-term success. Reshape your mind! Transform your body! Emerge in shape with confidence, self-worth and happiness!

Lipo Laser Treatments


Our very successful 3 Step Laser process eliminates trouble spots anywhere on your body. The TriActive Laser Treatment releases the fat deposits while tightening the skin. The Power Plate Treatment accelerates that fat burning process and the specific Spot Shaping tones and sculpt your trouble area while speeding up your metabolism and burning calories.

Personal Training


Private! One-on-one. Specifically geared to individual goals! Shaperella's Personal Training works with a special weight-bearing exercise technique developed to give you a beautiful, very appealing hourglass shape. You will find yourself stronger, more flexible, well-defined and shapely.

No-Diet Nutrition


No Diet. No Deprivation! We find solutions that work with your individual lifestyle and that fit into your daily eating routine. Your customized eating plan incorporates your personality, food preferences and established eating habits, and works for the long term, without dieting. Shaperella works with you, for you and guarantees permanent results.

Behavior Modification


We work with the power of the mind as an instrumental part of a healthy body! Key behavioral patterns & habits related to undesirable or unhealthy food consumption are identified, strategically targeted, modified or stopped altogether. Learn positive reinforcement & motivational techniques, to take the "negative" out of the equation.

NEW! Biofeedback Therapy


Our biofeedback therapy will help improve your physical health, emotional well-being and relieve stress-related conditions and symptoms. Our certified biofeedback specialist can help alleviate weight problems, digestive issues, chronic back and joint paint as well as anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches and migraines using Lotus Stress Relief's state-of-the-art device called The L.I.F.E. (Living Information Forms Energy) System.

Want to know more about biofeedback? Watch our presentation above!

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